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The Zen in Water

This past weekend, we headed up to the cottage. It is interesting to see that when you head an hour and half north, and you find a nice quiet beach, it is like we are right off the ocean in the Caribbean. We disconnect and reconnect with our souls. Why? Why is it when we step away from home it is a lot easier to disconnect from the modern world but truly connect to our inner self and the rooted world.

Thousands, every year plan trips to hot destinations. Those same places we see through posting all over social media. Or the magazine that promotes destinations to have your ideal place to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. One common environment or image that is displayed is being right off the water. It is a conversation piece in my house a lot when we think about our lifestyle and way of life. For some reason, I have had this dream of waking up with the sound of the ocean and the view of the sun just beaming down across the water. Well really who doesn't have this dream?

Today, we are connected to our phones, and technology more than ever. We either connect with it or we miss out. Now, I can go on and on and battle all the pros and cons of technology but just like anything it is how we perceive it. We are all similar beams of light. We all yearn for our light deep inside to beam outside, where we can truly be our authentic selves.

When we arrived at the cottage, within 10 minutes we hit the beach. Our kids just ran straight to the sand and right into the water. You can see it brought them a sense of freedom and spirit that connected to the water. Ultimately, it is exactly the joy we all love to see in anyone and especially children.

I laid down, closed my eyes and it was like a weight floated out of my body and I felt deeply connected to the sounds of the water. The sounds of waves coming into the sand or splashing against the rocks, although it seems to be out of sync, every little sound just fit right. It was like God was playing a symphony through the sounds of the earth and water was the main event.

"Chronic stress and anxiety cause or intensify a range of physical and mental afflictions, including depression, ulcers, colitis, heart disease, and more. Being on, in, and near water can be among the most cost-effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety".

Nichols J. Wallace

This was not a blog post just about the obvious but that you do not have to plan some exotic destination all the time. Our local surroundings have much more than we think. We need to just get out and explore. The best moments in life are the ones not planned, but rather spontaneous. When you are down or feeling blue. Pack up and hit the road to the closest water way. Sit. Close your eyes. Allow nature to take over and you will find your zen by slowing down


"Water is the essence of life: The ocean, healthy rivers, lakes, and wetlands are good for our minds and bodies".

Nichols J. Wallace

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